Risk Assessment

Reduce risks, simplify processes and practices, and reduce costs.

A Risk Assessment is a legal requirement for some manufacturing processes, and even when not legally required is highly recommended.

Manufacturing industries include a number of manual handling processes that can result in work-related injuries. Creative Automation is highly skilled and experienced at risk assessment analysis designed to identify and reduce these injuries. Our risk assessment process usually includes the following steps:

  • Risk Identification – Fully identify and understand the process being assessed. This includes a full appreciation of the skills required to perform this process
  • Risk Assessment – Clearly understand the possible risks and their consequences
  • Control of Risks – Produce recommendations for reduction and control of risks, both injury and cost risks. This includes recommendations for management support, improvements in the process, and any specialised or long-term assessment that may be required.

Creative Automation can help you reduce risks, simplify processes and practices, and reduce costs. Please ask us for a free telephone consultation regarding risk assessment analysis of your processes.

Further Information

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