Pick and Place Automation

 Our Pick and place systems are effective,efficient and precise.

Pick and Place Automation offers continuous precision, speed and accuracy in processes that   require repetitive picking and placing tasks.

Creative Automation is able to design and build pick and place equipment for all your automated processes. Our pick and place machines are designed to produce an increase in output, and a reduction in costs and down-time resulting in long-term savings.

Our expertise and experience covers a wide range of industries including manufacturing and medical devices, and includes:


Creative Automation systems can include SCARA robots with custom end-of-arm tooling designed specifically for your pick and place requirements. Each pick and place system is designed to ensure that speed, acceleration, and degrees of rotation are all engineered to optimize cycle time.

All of our pick and place automation systems are custom built for your project, and we can provide large volumes or single line depending on your needs.

To find out more about custom pick and place equipment or to discuss your automation project, please contact us.


Further Information

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